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It seems to me that you need crowns to beat it

Jun 13, 2009
I'm stuck on this one boss named Mozar Turtle Hunter and I don't have any high lvl. friends to help me and I rarely get crowns plus there's never any people in Azteca since I mostly see level 100 people. and I completely think "How does one get to that level so fast??????" (if you couldn't tell I never been to khrysalis)

Sep 07, 2011
You might be able to find help with Team Up, or ask on Central or one of the other fan sites. Usually there are people who will do things with you.

If that is the boss I think it isn't too bad. It's a life boss with a death minion, so bring some Ether Shield treasure cards & put up a couple right away. Then stack up blades and traps to one hit ko.