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I can't defeat Clemente Moraga!

May 29, 2011
I am currently having a hard time defeating Clemente Moraga, I don't know what to do exactly can you give me any tips or something?

I am currently a level 86 myth..

Oct 29, 2011
I am a storm wizard and have tried for over a year to beat Clemente Moraga with no success. I have changed gear and TC card and everything. I thing for a solo quest it is way too difficult. I just don't know what to do anymore. i get tired of trying to defeat the same boss over and over. it gets real boring. if anyone has some good advise to help me I would e greatful.

Jun 15, 2013
I just found out that this is a solo fight. Does this apply to henchmen or does it only mean that no one can port in to help?

Feb 12, 2012
Clemente Morage is a really difficult boss but I can give you a few tips on how you could defeat him:
- You can find some good fire resist gear in the bazaar so you don't take in as much damage.
- If you can I recommend defeating the minions first before you defeat the boss so you don't have all of the enemies attacking you at once.
Just take your time, you'll get there. I literally finished this 2 days ago on my max storm and wow I found it extremely difficult it was crazy. I was confused because I thought it would be a bit easier since I was 110 but apparently not. I can't imagine being able to complete this around when the level cap was 90. Maybe even find some fire shield tc to put in?

110 110 60

Mar 31, 2009
I had to use Henchmen and more of them than I should have.

Jun 15, 2013
exp613 on May 26, 2016 wrote:
I had to use Henchmen and more of them than I should have.
I used henchmen too and now have access to sun school spells. I probably wouldn't have succeeded without them. He's really hard to beat.

Jun 03, 2009
This may be a little late for a reply but, I have a strategy it works.

1: Take out the minions first don't focus on Clemente at all.
2: Let yourself be defeated (This is part of it trust me)
3: Teleport back using dungeon recall.
4: Heal yourself back to full (With potions)
5: Edit your deck with single hit spells
6: Clemente should be the only enemy in there thus making the fight a lot easier