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huracan to tough?

Nov 29, 2008
in twin giants i have to go defeat huracan and he is storm and he is way to tough because he keeps on storm dragon me and sirens me like every other round and i have over 200 block rating but i can never do a block to any elements! and i only have 30 resist and over 200 block rating and his sirens does like 700 damage to me then his minion does medusa or something like that so i can never attack! when ever i try to attack with blades he either steals them or stuns me. or you should be able to port in or even walk all the way back to twin giant then re-enter the dungeon but it wont let you do either! me and 3 other level ninety and they all died and none of them could come back because there no ports then tried to walk back but it just restarted the dungeon for them!

find me in the commons or in the twin giants,

william, level ninety fire [no crowns people!]

Nov 21, 2010
You need to bring a life,fire myth, and death or balance. If its such a big problem why don't you put in this amazing thing called shields. Beforehand set up what your going to do. One life heal, have the balance burn him, myth and fire efreet/quake/medusa.