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How is Azteca to you?

Jul 05, 2012
Azteca seems pretty amazing to me! Even if i'm only on Zafaria i've been there because my friend teleported me there. I have not been in a battle there before but they seem to be rank 12 and that is so high!

- Laura Stormblade (My charter name)

Random: I love warriors ^^

Oct 30, 2010
How is Azteca to me? Its even balanced boring and fun. I'm stuck on a quest and too much talking Nicholas StormEyes Level 80 Archmage Balance ( Helpful Wizard )

Jun 04, 2009
Azteca is frustrating and difficult. I am a Mercenary for Hire from 101Central, and an adult player, and I started my Storm through it in test, and then again when it went live. I have never been so angry with Wizard101.

The gear is woefully inadequate for the level of battle. I cannot progress without the use of elixirs (damage, critical block and major regeneration for dungeons), and the drop rate for drop quests is horrible.

I am sick of seeing Ninja Pigs, Earthquake, stunning spells, and enemies whose critical rating is better than any wizard I have ever seen.

And the enemies start with so many pips! I was hit by 2 critical Efreets in the first round, which killed me, even with Waterworks gear. I have been sent to the commons defeated more in Azteca than in the entire game.

I refuse to move my Balance any further until there is a convert/prism that can be used for Balance enemies.

It makes me sick to think of playing Azteca. I guess I'll be a level 80 and below Mercenary, if I play at all.

Oct 24, 2010
azteca is fun just allot of collecting quests other then that it fun.