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how do you like azteca?

Sep 24, 2010
  • I think azteca is hard and easy at the same time but some of the bosses are hard to beat with a storm guy
  • and I am not even level 90 yet so I am only level 82 and trying to get my level 88 spell so it would make my life so mush easyer. and i think that storm and fire are the best schools for me but i think they all are
  • cool but i think storm and fire stand out the best for me.as a person. storm stand for me cool strong brave. and fire stand for me is hard worker brave strong and cool guy. and i think that storm and fire hit hard and get cooler stuff then other wizards but the bad thing is that we do not get a lot of health.and we get cool school pets to i like all my storm pets alot and i like it even more when they come out with hybrids of all the school pets i like that. And i like how the crowns stuff is cool too. and i hope when a new leving up world comes out we will get another school pet what i would like is a storm lord or a storm owl as ower next school pet that would be cool. i wish the had a sun and a moon school you can master that would be cool and new to try.

Jul 28, 2011
I don't like Azteca at all....

As a balance, I would like to solo something with out coming near defeat and it taking 40 minutes. I honestly thought the storyline was confusing, and I ALWAYS follow it. For half a section your stopping Morganthe, then your helping some guy get his food back....

Not a big fan

Mar 05, 2013
I hate it. I'm balance and have no trouble with the battles. It's just so tight and hard to get around without getting drawn into useless fights. It's way worse than Marleybone. And, several times, I've been almost done with a battle, in poor health, and some other poor soul gets drawn into my battle. And several times, they've fled and I've had to scramble or buy a henchman to survive. I really don't mind fighting tough foes and bosses. I got through Zafaria and Avalon without a peep. Loved both worlds even. But Azteca is ridiculous. Plus, I came across a few characters with the yellow exclamation points, accepted the quests, and guess what? I can't go to the areas I've been given quests for, and there's no explanation as to what I need to do to get there. Also, I leveled up to 85 a few minutes ago, was messaged to go talk to a character, someone or another, I go right to them, guess what? No conversation available. I thought I might be getting a new spell. Absolutely ridiculous, KingsIsle needs to address this. I'm a member, and a Crown purchaser and right now I have lost my will to play here.

Jul 03, 2010
I have 2 wizards there that when they became lvl 90 I parked them. I am relived for the break and don't look forward to going back there, I hope with the new Zone it will delay a level cap raise and new world.

I just don't have the mind set for this type of game play and don't belong there at all.

I deleted the 2 wizards I had in AV so I won't have to do it again for a long time if ever. The game has just out grown me sad to say.

Feb 29, 2012
For me, fights are longer, but the outcome is not in doubt.
Been questing with my wife in Pitch Black Lake and it is a breeze. (both Promethean death).
Have zero clue anymore about the storyline. Quests take a night to finish, and zones take a week or more due to limited time to play.
Spells are nice to see, even on the receiving end.

Tips: For mobs, spam low pip AoE's with blades, and bosses set up for 1 hits (in groups) or look at them like chopping down a tree if solo.
Solo it is trickier, but if you shield you can do okay. Solo for me became too long for boss fights. Not impossible, but I was limited to a boss fight a night along with a few smaller quests.
Most important thing to have is block. Minimum of 175 for all schools. Over 200 is better, I have only had 1 critical get through above 200 so far, and I am even going critical (unblocked) on mobs at a crit rating of like 211.

Mar 05, 2013
Okay here's my next complaint. My last quest which was to collect something, took me twelve, yes twelve fights to collect. That's just wrong. I seriously don't mind fighting high level foes, not complaining about the bosses, but My God why should I have to fight Twelve times to collect something? I'm sorry about not being more specific about what i was supposed to collect, after 12 fights I kind of forgot. And I'm still in the darn Swamp! Is this what i have to look forward to?

Sep 10, 2008
at first, azteca just seemed easier than other worlds. the only thing that really changed my opinion was the note that said something like the next update with change everything for wizard city. it sounds like we are going to forget azteca even more than wysteria after it is replaced. pretty much already a ghost town after aquila came out.

Sep 07, 2008
I sort of like Azteca. The design and layout of it is pretty cool. I think it's overdeveloped over most worlds and it's enemies are quite difficult. i need help on many quests because i can't do most of them on my own.

Oct 19, 2011
When I started Azteca - I hated it. About half way through I started paying more attention to the spell animation, the beautiful scenery, and the details in the animation. It slowly became one of my favorite worlds. Dragonspyre will probably always be my favorite, but Azteca now ranks pretty high. Of course, I do not try to solo. I have a questing partner and we finished it together. We are finishing up Avalon with another set of wizards and all set to do it again.

Feb 22, 2011
I love Azteca.
There is both joy and challenge in this world.
You have to think alternatively.
It is not a world you can just skate through in a short time.
Therefore I love this world.
My Pyromancer is finished in Azteca, but I have been there several times subsequently, to hunt items.

Apr 11, 2012
It seems rather hard but not to hard to me. I think that it's either in between or getting closer to hard. Personaly, I think it would better for all the level 80 people and up if they all kinda went on more offten to help some of the other people. I need help in Azteca because i'm ice and i can hardly do anything. The most protect i got is my shields that i barely have enough of, and my weak spells. Ice is rather weak in spells but strong in health. Back to the point of this. I think that if your sibling is home ask them cause Azteca is rather hard than easy. Personaly to me, is in the middle. To some other people, EASY! To other people rather HARD! Well when i'm on i either get my brother to help, or my friends. If nither one of them is avalible, rather hard for me. XD I'm in Cenote still, but very close to finishing it. But i couldn't do it without my friends and my brother! When it is hard for only you. Try talking your mom or dad into wizard101. Or if your the only child make lots of friends and see if they'll help ya. But they again if you do have siblings ask them. If all of them say ' No.' Ask them again VERY VERY VERY nicely. And also since i'm the youngest, try to gulit them. I sometimes win. Azteca is hard but easy if ya know what i mean. Lol. Try to do it by yourself a couple times. If it doesn't work out, you're out of luck. Well I hope lots of luck to the wizards of the spiral! Best wishes to all! From Megan Skywalker Level 82 Ice Wizard Remember my advice! It is very helpful sometimes. And i try my best to, but i can never do it. Of course if i believe i know i can! Thanks for the advice wizards and I hope best of luck to you for my advice! I guess i should prob write my name again! Megan Skywalker Level 82 Ice Wizard! P.S, best wishes to all! And i hope you'll love my advice! Because i love yours wizards! Best wishes to all and all a good night! And good day! Megan Skywalker here to wish you best of wishes and luck! Megan, OUT!!

Feb 24, 2009
Least favorite world. Honestly, it's not even tough. It's just the ridiculous amount of health that makes it overwhelmingly boring. My brother doesn't even play anymore, he got his storm to 86 and basically gave up, going to another game. x_x

Jul 16, 2013
I sort of liked it. Not my favorite world, however, it wasn't all that bad either. I just didn't like the collecting quests. I think I attempted something 44 times just to collect 2 things...

I hated Zafaria more than Azteca, though. "Defeat 7 Greyhorn Mercenaries, now 10 more, collect 7 things from them, now go and defeat 4 more of them, okay great, now I want you defeat 7 more Greyhorn mercenaries..."

At least Azteca didn't send you out to defeat the same thing like 50 times -.-