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How did Malistaire come back Alive!?

May 16, 2009
Lots of responses here, so why not add another .
To put it simply:
1) Sylvia died, Malistaire goes insane and tries to revive her with the Krokanomicon, Bartleby's Eye, and the Dragon Titan. Obviously all these are very powerful artifacts, so not a good idea.
2) Fast forward to DragonSpyre. We killed him, he turns into a Spirit and disappears to go to the Other Side with Sylvia.
3) About this same time Morganthe is building strength and learns she can revive people and force them to serve her. She gets her Deck of Shadows and goes to revive Malistaire, her mentor and superior. How she learned of his death is beyond me, though.
4) She resurrects Malistaire and "amplified his pain. She turned him into her plaything."
5) So now Malistaire is Morganthe's servant and is angry that us, a student Wizard, defeated him, the Master of Death, and wants revenge.
6) We win AGAIN because we are amazing. The comet Xibalba breaks apart, and Malistaire happens to be on a piece that broke off. He goes flying off into the Spiral never to be seen again.
7) Until very recently when he landed in Darkmoor. He still thinks he can win, and still apparently wants to revive Sylvia. Somehow killing us will help with that. So we win YET ANOTHER TIME because we are so massively OP at this point. He turns BACK into a Spirit and Sylvia persuades him to let go of his anger. Then they walk happily ever after to the Other Side.