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Help Please :(

Nov 03, 2010

My friends that are prometheans tell me that my block and resist needs to improve, but I dont know how. I have Firestarter's Hood, Firestarter's Robe, Mighty Chac's Boots, Crystal Cave Rose, Codex of the Lost Fire,and there's more. Can anyone help??? I don't know if to ditch the Waterworks gear, but if I do what gear do I get? Any advice is appreciated!! thanks :)

Nov 03, 2010
Community Leader
Are you looking for gear to use as you quest through Azteca, or the best gear for level 90? A lot of gear options open up as you quest through Azteca and level up. I can see you're at least 83, which is good. There's one BIG thing that can make a huge difference at this stage, and that is - do you craft? The Azteca crafting quests & recipes are VERY time-consuming, but open up a lot of options.

For block, there are 2 main pieces of gear that will help a lot - your wand, and your boots. If you don't already have a wand with high block, you'll want one asap. I assume that since you have Waterworks gear, you don't mind farming? If you're just entering Azteca, you'll want to farm for the Wyrd Oak staff (which drops from the Indigo Giant). If you don't want to farm, you can buy the Rod of Icy Tears at level 84. If you're almost done Azteca, you can farm Cipactli for the Brutal Ice Arrow Rod, which is the best dropped wand for block. To increase the block from your boots, you would need to do crafting. The Kin-bound sandals from Avalon are decent, and the Cold house Chac boots from Azteca are even better. You'll lose the elemental resist from your Might Chac boots, but gain general resist and a LOT of block, plus get back your fire damage. If you don't craft, your boots now are the best ones you can get from the bazaar..

Your hat & robe are actually great. If you do craft, consider eventually crafting the Guard of the Sun Fire Armor.

Fron your ring and athame, you can't go wrong with the TotH gear for a while. They'll add some block to your set up. For end-game ring & athame though, you'll want to hit up Guaman Skyfall and farm for the Storm Caiman's Cruel Fang and the Tears of the Sun Band.

You can get lots of extra resist from pets with spell proof & spell defy (even some may cast heals!) if you're willing to work at hatching & training. It's a long process, though.

I hope that helps! Good luck!

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Dec 02, 2010
In addition to what the poster above me said, you can check the link below for a detailed explanation on how Critical and Critical Black work and what the ideal numbers should be for your wizard's level.


Jul 30, 2012
Starting in Alto Alto I found critical block necessary for basic survival. Single critical hits somtimes exceed my total health, or reduce my health so significantly defeat becomes inevitable.

My critical block is currently 202 (universal) and I don't believe any critical hit has got me (PvE) ever since.

My Azteca Gear:
Robes of Icewind Doctor +14 (universal) - crafted, zafaria
Forest Heart Boots +86 (universal) - crafted, avalon
Sword of Kings +45 (universal) - avalon, given
Courtly Dirk +11 (universal) - crafted, avalon
Vicious Sky's Jade Seal +19 (universal) - azteca drop

I know there is superior stuff, but this is what I have.

Note: I change some gear for lesser worlds where critical block is not necessary and I want to do more damage. This way I can dispatch enemies much faster when farming places like Mirror Lake or Halfang.

Happy Wizarding!
RottenHeart, Level 90 Death

Feb 29, 2012
I know this may not help cause I am balance but here is my gear hat to boots:

mask of crystal cave: 275 health, pierce, and 100 critical

cape of judgment: water works gear stats

boots of perfect poise: crowns shop, 50 block 50 critical and pierce

good luck