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Help! I cant get Sharpened Blade!

Jul 18, 2011
Help! I cant get Sharpened Blade!
I am a level 90 and I have been told you need to be level 86 or up to get the quest. I know Tzech Threestar or Pacal Redmask give the quest but Pacal has nothing for me and Tzech dosnt have the quest to unlock the school trainer! The only quest Tzech offers is Night of the Comet and Count of Days! Those arent the quest for the school teacher to be unlocked!

Sep 17, 2012
Re: Help! I cant get Sharpened Blade!
Did you do the quests to open Moon and Star schools? You need those first.

Jul 10, 2009
Re: Help! I cant get Sharpened Blade!
Have you done the quest for the spells? Its needed as a prequest.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethean Thaumagture

Dec 09, 2010
Re: Help! I cant get Sharpened Blade!
You must make sure that you have completed all of the requirements to start the quest. Have a look at this to see what you still need to complete: http://www.wizard101central.com/wiki/Quest:Turn_Up_the_Sun

Hope this helps!