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Hardness left down

May 30, 2010
Why did they make an update where it was make easier? Before the update, I like Azteca done to the hardness of the land. That what make it fun. Now it easy which for me is not fun. I am a hardcore game on this game. Maybe after this world I should stop. Thanks to everyone who cause this update by saying it was too hard which it was not before the update.
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Dec 09, 2010
You need to remember that this game is advertised as a "Family Friendly" Game. A good chunk of the player base is either casual or playing with family members who maybe do not have the time to deal with these challenges. A lot of these people were complaining that Azteca was taking a huge leap in difficulty and not a step up like the First Arc.

I personally did not mind the difficulty of Avalon and Azteca before the update, I could progress pretty smoothly but I do welcome in open hands a step down in difficulty. Everything now progresses very smoothly and this is good because it means that people will be less stressed out from being defeated by a certain boss over and over. I am also loving the difficulty in Khrysalis, it is easy enough to solo but still requires effort to get through the world.

Also keep in mind that bosses in Avalon and Azteca have not been toned down in health and pips, they were not affected by the update.

Feb 26, 2012
This has been hashed over so many times already both in these forums and in the test realm forums.

Many players found the style of play in AZ to be too time consuming and no fun. Many actually stopped playing. There are still plenty of difficult dungeons and bosses, as well as PvP, for those who enjoy long drawn out battles. Many of us do not.

I for one am very glad KI listened to the community and moderated the game to a more reasonable general level. Thanks KI for the updates!

May 30, 2010
I guess so. But they could put on hard mode button for those who like the hardness. A lot of games I play have different modes such as rune factory 3 and 4 (which they are both rated everyone 10 and up) where you can choose easy, normal, or hard anytime in the game. In some games, there is a hardness meter where you can chose how hard or how easy you want a level to be and it become easier if you die in the level you are in.
The hard mode could be in the game where you press a button and then your teacher say "young wizard are you sure you want to enter hard mode". If you say yes, the bosses and enemies are harder but crafting items become easier to find. If you say no, you will be in easy mode where bosses and enemies are easier but crafting items are harder to find. That way it is a double edge sword for both. If you are have a hard time in hard mode, your teacher will say "young wizard, you seem to have a difficult time and maybe need a break for the hard mode and go into easy mode". If you are have a easy time in easy mode, your teacher will say "young wizard, easy mode might be a little too easy for you, maybe you need a challenge and go into hard mode". If a person leave hard mode and goes to easy mode, but then want to go back to hard mode they will have to pay a certain number of in game money and it will increase more every time you leave and come back.
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