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Good Gear for 85 Death in Azteca?

Nov 19, 2010
Hi, so I was wondering if some of my gear is good for my level (I have WW stuff so obviously that is good, I mean the other stuff mainly). I am a Level 85 Wizard on Saltmeadow Swamp right now, here is my gear:
Hat-WW Hat
Robe-WW Robe
Boots-Avalon Block Boots (I will get AZ block boots when I can)
Wand-Sky Iron Hasta
Athame-Courtly Dirk (Avalon crafted athame from Shane in the Wild)
Amulet-Phylactery of the Wicked (from one of the bosses in Lower Zigazag, gives a deathblade, health, and damage).
Ring-Sir Malory's Seal (dropped from somewhere in Avalon, I was surprised as it was actually good).
Pet-Acid Rain Core with 3 critical talents (74 critical), 2 resist talents (15% universal resist), and 6% death damage from the jewel.
Mount-Warg (no stat boosts).
Deck-Dead Chieftain's Fanged Deck (no extra boosts)

Taylor Daisyflame- Level 101
Devin Daisyheart- Level 85