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Good Gear

Apr 05, 2011
Hello i am a level 83 almost 84 in azteca and my gear is pretty bad. basically i used to play only for the cool gear looks and never really thought of the stats now I am older(14) and was looking if someone could note out some bosses to grind to get good resist or attack gear. around azteca or avalon. (i know waterworks but it is obsolete now). also outgoing life would be useful too. thank you and have a good day.

Jun 19, 2011
<center>I know you said you think waterworks is obsolete now, but I was still using my waterworks gear in Azteca. I didn't get an update until Level 90 when I got some of the Hades gear from Tartarus.

Jul 05, 2010
There is nothing wrong with using waterworks, i am a level 86 Wizard, i still use that whenever i dont use my crown gear. its perfectly fine until as he said you can get the t90 gear.