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Geometry of shadows quest glitch?

Aug 27, 2011
I'm on the quest geometry of shadows in azteca. The quest began good i went to the king and he told me to talk to Pacal. I did talk to him and even though the quest in my book says to talk to the king and the arrow too whenever i go to him it shows a grey question mark and when i try talking he says to go talk to Pacal even though i already did. Is this a glitch? What should i do?

May 11, 2011
It seems that there is a second glitch concerning a "talk to" associated with this quest. After having spoken with Pacal, The "talk to Axaya Knifemoon" phase is not giving credit for having been acted out. The question mark over his head is gray but the quest helper directs me to speak to him. Meanwhile, Axaya is telling me to speak to Pacal.

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