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Finished, now for random badge questing

Jun 30, 2009

I had mentioned in one posting that I finished last Friday night in Azteca, but it was actually Saturday. Anyway, I am in Stone Town earning my Elephant badges (have 53/100 for second badge). After I finish with that I will be moving to the Outer Yard of Avalon to earn those badges, and then finish up the badges for the winged Dinos, and the other badge (not the trihorns) to have those badges completed.

If anyone needs the help with fighting these animals, go ahead and jump right in. I still need about 4 turquoise and 1 Sleet Storm TC. So, until I am able to find friends in Azteca that are battling, I might as well try to earn my badges.

Timothy Pearlflower, L90 , paired with Duke Morgan (Epic) Woolly Mammoth