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Fighting Malistare

Nov 11, 2010
Hi Im Paul the wizard and i need friends to help me fight Malistare in Xibalba I tried once and lost,if you can help post a message on the board as to the time to meet im in the eastern time zone level 92.thanks

Mar 04, 2012
Unfortunately, I can't help with the battle because I'm only level 76, I can give tips though because I have read about Malistaire the Undying.

1. Don't attack Malistaire! He's immune to all schools and he can't take damage, if you kill the minions then the battle will end instantly.
2. Load up on death shields, they'll come in hand when malistaire attacks, and if you can get your hands on them, bring Death Dispels.
3. Don't attack until you can kill the minions, that way you can't draw to much attention to yourself before you can kill the minions.

I hope this helps!

Katie Moonflame, girl of