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bug zocalo pacal redmask malachite giant

Aug 31, 2009
There is a bug I think in zolcalo when you speak with pascal redmask he gives you the quest to take the mana gemstone to the night caimans' celestial bow on the malachite giant!
So the question mark is grayed out and the quest doesn't show up in my log book, and no arrow to show me where it is. At this point in the game I have done all quests but the last quest tall enough to meet the sun, the battle with marganthe in azteca xibalba. and I have one quest in wysteria tower of helephant tower left. That's it.Also my friend who is a life wizard has at least 2 quests that I can't get into, so I believe that I have several more quests I can't get to because of this bug. I have reported it. Does anyone else have this problem or found a work around? Does any one know where the quest is that pascal wants me to do. I tried to loo online but no luck.

Michael Soulshard

Oct 30, 2011
I don't have that problem, but shouldn't this be reported in Halston's Lab? That's a talk about bugs side...

Jonathan Frogheart - Archmage Thaumaturge