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best fire resistance gear

Jan 13, 2012
OK so I have been trying to find the best fire resist great so I can defeat Clemente moraga so I can unlock the sun school obelisk but I can't find any good fire resist gear. I have tried to defeat him many times and have failed every time and considering then fact that I am fire mean that I have no I have no idea which spells to use to kill the minions and I can't get crafted gear because I don't know how to craft and have done none of the crafting quests. I would really appreciate someone helping me out with the best fire resist gear.

Jacob Hawk eyes lvl 86

Jul 19, 2009
I would try
Hat: True Silver Helmet
Boots: True Silver Boots
Robe: True Silver Armor
Ring: Lake Spiral Ring
Athame: Weirwood's Thorn
Amulet: Children of the Sea Medallion
Deck: Braided Silver Deck
Wand: Silver Lance of Daybreak

PS This is all level 80 stuff, there could be more advanced stuff, I dunno

Dec 11, 2011
I would say that the level 76 ice crafted gear gives the best resist to fire, but you aren't ice so that wouldn't help, if you have your hands on some jade mystery gear I would use that.