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Belloq(Three Points) Can't finish quest.

May 10, 2009
Edward ThunderBlade Level 85 Diviner
Yesterday I was at the front lines(Azteca) soloing a dungeon when I found myself in the Boss room. I had already run out of health due to the rest of the dungeon(and being storm), and had been left with 800-900 health and no potions before the boss room. There was an NPC Belloq along with an enemy but i ignored it. I managed to kill the minion before dieing by the hands of Belloq in battle. When i had returned to the dungeon everybody was killed except Belloq, so I fought and killed him. After I won I ran around to the back, following the arrow without successfully completing the quest "Explore Black Sun Chamber in Three Points".. UNTIL i was suddenly pulled into a battle with no enemy. I could open my backpack, deck, etc.. but i could not leave and there was no enemy in the battle. Trying to free myself i relogged in and ran through the dungeon again just to be sucked into an enemyless battle once i reached the boss chamber. I ran through many times in vain.

I had only tried this dungeon once so it might not be a reoccuring problem.
TLDR; Extra NPC Belloq, Can't finish quest ^ due to being sucked into "enemyless" battle after defeating boss.
This is mostly for game repair, but if it happens to me again
Does anybody have a solution?