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azteca school bosses

Sep 05, 2011
the bosses are just way to hard to defeat for me. the minions are fire and most of them are. the star and sun bosses i think are just way to tough especially when you are myth and fire. they should let us going in with people that could make it easier.

Feb 08, 2014
It was harder for me to get sharpened from that fire boss and fire minions then it was to get sun serpent from that other fire boss and his other school minions. ANYWAYS... you can get it eventually if you haven't already, I know it can seem ridiculous sometimes, but find a new strategy online or get more fire resisting gear, waterworks gear isn't that bad in these situations XD or if you have crowns *cough cough* use henchman :P make a plan, it worked out for a lot of people, and i'm sure anyone can attempt>try>succeed>fail>tryagain> XD


Dec 30, 2013
I fear I can't help you much, since I am a balance, but let me explain to you what I did.

To fight the fire boss & minions I went to the Bazaar and bought a fire resist gear, which added up ~62% resistance. It was a reasonable amount so I could bear the massive attacks and set up my attack.

Good tips are:

* Cleanse: to get rid of eventual weakness from Efreet;
* Empowerment: it will provide you extra pips that you can use to heal, blade, etc, without spending your power ones;
* Fortify: if you don't like Empowerment, then go for Fortify, it reduces even more your incoming;
* Mass Convert: depending on your blades, two will allow you kill the mobs right in the first dot;
* Healing: healing cards should also be in your side deck, if they aren't showing in your normal deck when you most need them, just quick draw from your side deck;

*** Perhaps the most important: please, go first! You will not want a Efreet right before you going to hit or additional damage that could be avoided if going first to kill. You can't seem to go first? Keep trying, it's worth it. Just hit Esc > quit > choose your Wizard again, you'll be before the entrance.

Hope this helps!

95 Christopher