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Azteca Quest Dissapeared

Aug 13, 2011
Hello Wizard101,

Today I would like to inform you of an incident that prevents me from attempting to complete Azteca. The problem I have here is that when I first went to Azteca, I completed most of Three Points And Cenote.
So when I got another quest to move on to the next place, I just couldn't get into it. It's been so long because I ran out of a membership, now 3 months later I have one yet again. Basically, the little teleporter pad thing (not sure what it's called), anyways it's located to the left of the mystics (from the point of view that you're just coming in from the world portal), right next to Prospecter Zeke and Louise MerryWeather. I was simply not allowed to get into that little teleporter pad. Next to that also is now the problem is even worse. Since the 3 month off time, now the quest was deleted from my quest inventory, so maybe if you guys could possibly look into that, that'd be great.

Thanks For Reviewing

That One Dude

Cole ShadowFlame

Jun 15, 2009
That portal next to prospector zeke and eloise merryweather is to tierra de brea and you are not at the part of the world yet. I believe you need to go to mangrove marsh at your level. Go to where you play minigames in the zocalo and make a right it is the swamp looking entrance right next to a teleporter pad.