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Azteca: It's Red Claws and Warm Scales

May 06, 2009
Many I have seen have posted comments of Azteca as being very unjoyable. That it's a world that breaks the values of Kingsisle and completely deminishes the fun of the game. I'm not very fond of such words but they are people's views and opinions and they are points that should be looked into. As far as I am in Azteca, I don't see it as a bad world. There definitely some parts I've personally gone through that could really be relooked but overall, it's nothing that makes me upset.

What I'd like to talk about are two things: the goods of Azteca (come on, it's not all that bad) and specific intervals that need toning down (as in X creatures need to drop X% of health or loose X spell(s)).

What did you find actually enjoyable about Azteca? I can understand that there are people who honestly just didn't connect with the world, and I can live with that. I don't particularly like Strawberry IceCream and I can talk for hours on how bad I find it. However, I do think within Azteca there are those parts that are very good and funny. For example, within the dialogue I've found many enemies and NPC's being very funny. I love how a 2 Boss fight in Cloudburst Forest, the Avian and the Shadow Weaver would be fighting with each other on who lost Princess Zenzen. Or how the Head of the Sun and the Hungry Head of Night would be butting in with each other when we talk to them. They're funny stones. I thought the Pirate101 references in Swaltmeadow Swamp were eye-chatching and the inclusion of one of it's world was intriguing. So I ask again: What did you find good about Azteca?

My second question is the commonly asked: What specifically needs to be adjusted? I found that many say difficulty, questing, time-lenght and rewards are some of the top stuff. That's great! Now I'd like to delve further into these and point out, exactly what spot did KI miss? Another example, in the Pyramid of the Storm Eye, I think in every level, 2 mobs need to be removed. It's crazy that it's only in that dungeon, we have 4 mobs to defeat and not 2 like all the others. The Shadow Weaver Prowler's need to be eased up on too. I can get them every now and again, but I think they need work. As early as they came in, they don't need to know Sabertooth. No mob should in this world, but for whatever reasons they were added. They need to go. If we are going to have such...game play go on, then it should be where the very last mob we fight can use the spell (that would be the Grim Calaca's or turtle guys as some say lol They're ankylosauruses by the way). I think the Shadow Weaver Prowler's shouldn't use Mana Burn or Black Mantle as often as they do. Sometimes we will have them use it, get rid of it, then have it back on right after. That's annoying.
This is more of what I mean (sorry if I make some do research to answer a question)

So to ask one last time:
1. What did you find good about Azteca?
2. What specifically can be tweaked?

Thanks for the replies!

Feb 29, 2012
1) the amount of opponets you face that have the new spells early in the game way before you do

2) kronosaur health and pampero spirit health, ( really I understand the ice having 6k health but the storm wow)

that is it thanks

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