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Anyone Need Help with Belloq (Twih Giants)

Jan 12, 2013
Anyone needing help with Belloq in Twin Giants, give a shout and see if we can't set up a time to meet on the weekend or something. I can help with either my life or fire wizards.
I am just needing to farm him for a ring, so if anyone else needs to "farm" him, also give a shout out.


Steven Hawk

Jan 04, 2011
Really need help with it. Have tried 4 times and failed even with help and with henchman. My name on here is Malorn Ashthorn and if you receive this I will be at Zocalo.

Oct 15, 2011
YES PLEASE HELP. I have tried over half a dozen times and died. I have already spent so much on henchman.

Weekends work great for me. Let me know when you want to meet.

My name is Scarlet Moonbringer, Life Wizard

Jul 01, 2012
Belloq is not that hard to defeat. Just make sure that three rules are followed.
1. Always hit Belloq with a damage spell or TC every round. If you don't he comes back with his own damage spell (I think it's Ra) each time.
2. Do not hit him with multiple round damage spells. If you do, his minion immediately heals him.
3. Defeat Minion as soon as possible. This takes away the healing possibilities by him and also reduces the number of attacks you face each round. After you eliminate the minion, you can then use Blades, Traps and multiple round hits to your hearts desire.

Dec 05, 2012
i am not to belloq I twin giants, but when I get there, I will put a post to make a time to meet, cya then :)