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Any Tips for Balance Wizards Defeating Clemente?

Jul 27, 2013
So, as far as how sad this seems, I still haven't gotten sharpened blade, potent trap, or primordal. Why? I have tried countless times to defeat Clemente Moraga. I wasted so many crowns on henchman trying to defeat him. I don't want to give up, because of all the guides I've seen about getting new spells, they require those cards.

I have also found absolutely no sources on tips for balance wizards defeating this very difficult boss. I hope that one day I'll be able to get a couple good tips from these and get the sun spells. Thank you very much for your time!

Saffron Moonwalker Lvl 97

Edit: I have defeated Clemente with the help of no henchman at all. Some tricks for those needing help, are to get good fire resist gear (Lvl 56 Gear at Bazaar), and to only bring cards you absolutely need. Bring lots of reshuffles as well!

Feb 20, 2011
I don't remember much, but I will try to help you since I know he is tough since I did this on my fire. I would say to bring as many fire shields as you can, both in tc and in norm. deck. I would then stack shields and towers of you have them while saving and powering up for an air to defeat the minions. Make sure to also bring heals and if you get down to 1/2 health summon Salvus if you see fit (50 life henchmen) and a high level but not max storm or death (around 85 perhaps). Don't bother summoning if you are at 1/4 health, that would be basically spending crowns for no reason then being killed. Hope I helped.
Hannah Rosethorn- 120