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am I a low level?

Jul 27, 2008
I feel like I wont finish azteca at level 90 or so.. Im currently level 84 one bar away from 85 I just entered zultan docks. I feel like I fly right through the quests for some reason but I level really slow. Also, i feel like my friend that we level up together were on the same quest but hes lvl 87 going to 88. Any help?

Steven Skythief lvl 84

Apr 17, 2009
You are doing perfectly fine! Both of my Prometheans hit level 90 at Tierra de Brea (Which is like 3-4 areas from where you are now and you get sent back and forth a lot too) So just keep going!

Feb 07, 2011
My first wizard (the only one who does side quests) capped at 90 in Pitch Black Lake. The others, who follow the main arc only, were in Twin Giants by the time they hit 90. It all depends on how you play your wizard.

If you do both main and side quests, you will level faster but won't get as far in the storyline. If you don't do sides, you'll get further in the story than most of your friends but won't level as quickly.

Hope that makes sense, sort of.

promethean bal, death, storm

May 08, 2010
I'm guessing your friend did more side quests. If you do more side quests you'll level up faster [obviously]. Side quests usually give you like 2000 xp. Azteca probably gives you way more though.