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Alto Alto - Xolotl tower

Jul 16, 2010
I cant go to the teleporter at all in Alto Alto to get to the last area its same as not long before, an bug or something? I was waiting for 10 or more days before i finally wrote here about this.I was hope you would see and fix it, but nope, my membership is gone for 10 days and this is so sad ,my money is not falling from the sky jk Btw neither my husband cant go there this tell me that there can not go no one. pls fix it and it would be nice if you could give to us some crowns for our lose.

Jul 16, 2010
Actually is the way to "Petal door" in front of the Feather palace in Alto Alto like "blocked " . I don't know how to explain but i am sure you know it already .

Mar 12, 2010
I'm sorry. I haven't been to that area yet. I did find these postings about a similar problem that other players had:


Did you try to send an e-mail to support@wizard101.com and ask them to help you get moving along in the game. Be sure to tell them your UserName in the game, and the name of the wizard who is having this problem. Maybe they can help you.