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A "different" Azteca

Jul 15, 2012
So, you know how after you finish Azteca all these comets start raining down and Pacal says their time si up and all that? Well, the coemts is the only thing that happens, I mean Azteca isn't really "destroyed", and you can go there and do all the sidequests and things (not complaining about this though). What I mean is to darken the feeling a bit more, there should be enviromental damage (that doesn't affect sidequests or getting to areas) and most of the NPCs should be ghosts to add to the post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

Robert Angleblade
Archmage Theurgist

Dec 02, 2010
I like you idea! I'd like to see that myself. Yeah, I'd feeling sad and all but the experiencing cool atmosphere would supersede all that!

Jul 18, 2010
Awesome We need an extra gloomy dead atmosphere after all that morganthe did there.

Feb 07, 2011
I love this idea. But so many people are already complaining about it being "too creepy/dark/kid-unfriendly" that I don't know if KI would.go for it.

Still, I would love it if it were anywhere near as awesome as I know it could be.

promethean and

May 21, 2013
i agree it should be more dark and it would be better if some parts were on fire too

(Blaze moonmender promethean Blaze ravenmender promethean)

Aug 18, 2011
I loved Azteca and Dragonspyre, so I am hoping part of the final story arc will be us using magic or time travel in some form to go back and save those places from the disasters brought on by Malistaire and Morganthe. I would be nice to see them not in ruins, and from a practical point, I'd much rather finish my AZ side quests without things falling on me (and lagging the game).