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why all the boss fights?

A+ Student
Jan 11, 2012
I understand that at the end you get this great weapon and all, but why is every other fight a boss fight? Yes, I'm becoming upset, because I enjoy soloing the game, and can't anymore. They stack killer pips with killer spells on bad guys, give them first attack (I MIGHT get to go first once every 20 boss fights now), I just have no chance. I don't know what I can do to get past Avalon. yes, I have some friends who have been helping me along, but I shouldn't NEED to have help every step of the way. The fights shouldn't ALL be boss fights. It's getting ridiculous. I can't afford to drop crowns on every single fight because somebody needs to make more money. What can I do to get past here? Thoughts? just very frustrated. I'm totally stuck on Viridian the Vile and Catalan and without help, there's no point trying to get past them, or continuing the game at this level.

Should a L79 character REALLY be having this much trouble? I hear "get waterworks gear", "you have to have ww gear"... ok, if this is a REQUIREMENT, then why not just disallow anybody even going there without it? I fail to believe that the ONLY way to win is pay money, have friends help you (meaning you can no longer solo the game), or get a specific set of gear. That doesn't seem STRANGE to anybody else?

please help!