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Where is the Gardener Trainer?

Community Leader
I believe that he is Missing In Action. I have searched all over this world and have not found him! Please help me find him! :( Thanks!

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Feb 24, 2009
I believe he is in dun dara? I am not positive though. I think you have to finish the world first though. That or get a higher gardening rank.

As the update notes indicate:

You must complete the quest "Sumner's Tale" in Caliburn AND "Between Two Shrubs" in Dun Dara before Roger the Shrubber will appear.

Oct 24, 2009
Hi :-)
When I visited Avalon, in test, there was am empty tent with flower pots in Abby road, I think by the top right area on the map. I believe this
is where he will APPEAR after you do the other growing quests first.

Thx, Good Luck Marissa SparkleSinger lvl 60 life