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Where do i get guardian spirit/mass triage?

Dec 25, 2010
Okay i am lvl 76 life wizard (Jenna LifeDreamer) just wondering
where do i get guardian spirit and mass triage? I finished WT and all but someone please help me!?

Feb 24, 2009
How far are you into avalon? You must be in the Wild at the very least.

May 18, 2010
You must finish the Owl Tower in the Wild. After you finish that, Cassie the Ponycorn (I'm pretty sure I spelled her name wrong) will give you Mass Prism. You have to learn previous spells such as Triage, Brilliant Light, etc. One of the housing vendor in Grizzleheim (I can't remember his name) will give you the quest for Triage or/and Brilliant Light (as you can see, I don't have good memory). After you get those spells, the guy near the Abby Road entrance gives you quest for Mass Triage. After you learned Mass Triage, the owl that you talk to in the beginning of High Road will give you the quest for Guardian Spirit. Beware though, it's a death boss who will use Dr. Von's Monster a lot. So you better shield al ot unless you want to find yourself trying to kill him with almost full health. Hope this helped.