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What is Avalon based on? I got the answer!!

Aug 16, 2009
Hello, I know I take Japanese but i know what Avalon is because of my family and ancestors and also because of my dads interest into Camelot Legend. Avalon is based on the Island that King Arthur was sent to by Merlin, when Arthur died Merlin put him in a boat and sailed him to Avalon while traditionally setting the boat on fire. Avalon was also where they received the Sword of Kings/Excalibur. Also you can see a lot of related things to Scotland (bagpipe music, Accents, and ect.) and Camelot i believe was Scotland but Avalon on the other hand was an island in Wales based on the legend. Both Scotland and Wales are part of the United Kingdom and that helps with my proof. So i believe that Avalon is based on Scotland and Wales just like Marleybone and Wysteria are based on the England Region. Maybe in the future they will make the 4th half of the United Kingdom and make a Northern Ireland themed world! (the United Kingdom is made of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

Hope this shines a little light on the topic!
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