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What do you think about Avalon?

Apr 14, 2009
hi guys i been looking around Avalon a bit and i kinda like it. its interesting. what do you guys think about it?
please write back

Jan 11, 2009
i think avalon is great. :) i like the utility spells that came with the world since i am fire i got detonate and backdraft which i use a lot with rain of fire efreet heckhound etc. the world areas were really short and easy i liked that but when the next world comes out i would like a bit more of a challenge. the bosses are easy enough to solo and the story line was fun plus i liked getting the sword of kings. the setting was great but the only thing i didnt like were the rank 12 monsters like death seraphs and trendkill pantera's they are too powerful it takes like 10 minutes to fight one battle when it should take 5 anyway i think avalon is awesome over all aftera ll ambrose lived there lol :-)

Sep 30, 2009
Feb 19, 2012
i think avalon is great only i cant seem to find any new spells it has! o looked every where i could go i found the converts spell but i cant find any more /:

Jan 17, 2012
I love Avalon, I love the new spells, the awesome new dungeons, the practice arena it has.

Mar 18, 2011
Avalon is great with only one MAJOR glitch I have found. If your wizard is level 73 when they enter Avalon they will not get the level 72 utility card and they will probably not receive the level 75 quest for the card there either.
You see the quest for level 72 card is tied to the leveling up to 72. Since your character is already 73 there is no quest trigger and Friar Nolan will not call you for the quest. So you miss the quest and support can't help.
Entering at over 70 also carries another disadvantage. For the level 75 utility card quest. You have to complete the Jabberwock and level up to 75.
If you started at 72 or 73 then the points you receive during the opening quest will level you beyound 75 and your character will not receive the quest for the 75 level card.
Sadly I found this out the hard way with my level 80 life which I had to destroy and start again. For the future worlds would require the Guardian spell at least and My Life character did not have it and support was no help what so ever. I don't think they are even aware of this possibility. LOL

Oct 24, 2010
I think I will never get to see it. I've been stuck in Zafaria for ages and am so sick of 'trying to collect' that I haven't even played my legendary wizard in over a month.
But from what I've seen online, it's beautiful. :)

Feb 29, 2012
The visual appearance is great. I like the Monty Python references, and the level of difficulty seems pretty fair. Some utility spells (fire, all school mass prism) are excellent as well.
That said, there are many downsides in my book. Dropped gear is not good, and almost always No Auction. My dragon is really full from Catalons scales. Probably has been fed a dozen of them. Death got PvP spells besides prism, not useful in PvE.
I do like it better than ZF and CL though. I am hoping for a archmage level dungeon in AV that drops archmage gear on par with the WW stuff.