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Wands to get in Avalon

Aug 01, 2009
Since I settled with the water works gear and only replacing the boots till hades, wands come to mind, since I Generally want at least 100 block, should I use the sword of kings or a different wand. I generally have 57 block without my wand and my wand gives 49 block and 15 critical

Jul 11, 2011
I myself, have used the Wand of Kings, and am still using it (I'm in Azteca). The wand's a good one, depending on your stats.It gives a decent amount of block and crit, but no resistance or damage (at least for my school). I'd recommend using the sword of kings if you're a bit short on crit and block, (which seems to be your case here for block), and if you have decent boost and resist.