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The Best Day Ever!

Feb 12, 2009
So, we were going into the Guns of Avalon quest, three of us ... myself, Jack Battlesword, and Cowan Goldenforge. We made it to the Pendragon, I was first position, with plans to shift my fire dragon tick (I'm myth) away, while Jack had a triage. So the Pendragon cheat cast entangle, and Jack had to wait to use his triage until I could cleanse charm on him. Meanwhile, Cowan, who was seconds late getting into the battle, missed the fire dragon, so started working on getting bladed. Cowan was grumbling that my shifted fire dragon tick prevented him from using backdraft, so the plan was to whittle down the Pendragon with Jack Battlesword's storm spells and Cowan Goldenforge's fire spells, while I death shielded them and death dispelled the Pendragon.

Then Cowan, out of nowhere, says, what will happen if I use detonate?

BOOM! Fourth round, an elemental trap put on by Jack, used in the detonate of the never-ending fire dragon tick, 20650 damage, game over!

4 rounds.