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Shift (inconvenience to my eyes)

Feb 29, 2012
Okay here I am level 90 and 95 working on a myth, balance being my main character.
I plan ahead on all the spells and did all that,but I just like how the fighting works for myth but I come across shift and dimension shift and I see them and I go "wow is there some secret I'm not aware of or is it as useless as it appears"

First of all shift: I see it at first I go wow that looks useful then I think, life triage, mass life triage, cooldown. shift has 4 pips in my opinion 2 pips too many to be something I would consider being very efficient. life triage and mass life triage for low pips knock off a full DOT on you or your full team; very useful, cooldown removes a tick off of the 3 ticks of every DOT placed on your entire team; has great potential. Now shift, most of the time DOTs aren't very deadly but a decent pvp DOT ( in most PvE cases DOT spells wont do very much) does 500 more or less per tick which in total does 1500 as of now it seems like a lot but think, that's 3 chances for it to trigger your pet and 2 turns to react with triage, cooldown, a shield, or heal. With all those interferences its not much.

So now lets keep going with this example lets assume the worst; they go first in a pvp. first turn you take 500 damage, not much next turn you take another 500 damage then cast shift. They only take 500 damage; a third of what they did. Ratio: 1000 to 500 it doesn't seem so useless now but lets replace shift with cooldown and make the DOT an aoe.
First round: 500 on your entire team
Second round: 500 for you and you cast cooldown and your 3rd tick disappears, then the rest of your team takes 500 damage and their ticks die down, (rare) BUT its for every DOT on your team thus having much more potential then shift and possibly even more than mass life triage and finally the icing on the cake. Cooldown: 2, Shift: 4. Shift is for the most part NOT very efficient and should be made stronger.

Feb 29, 2012
OK following up from my article about shift...

Dimension shift ( have not used yet; its all based on theory )

okay here I go...
Dimension shift what I have to say about it is if it trades all hanging effects with you and your minion for a whopping 6 pips, could involve much planning and strategy and pips.
If dimension shift trades all wards traps charms and anti-charms with your minion for 6 pips; seems useful until you look at pips and think about what's going to come your way. Your minion ((if lives) PvE would be harder to get more use out of) most likely have only a myth blade and maybe a shield of some kind as to you might have more shields more blades and if using with strategy some traps and anti-charms on you with less shields and blades and shields placed on your minion. Sadly though most of the time your minion is your enemy's first target so stacking all this up would give them time to kill you and/or your minion. Also your minion might attack and lose all their blades making this an even more waste of time kind of spell. So all in all its really hard to pull off...

However if by hanging effects it includes DOTs of both healing and damage could be a life saver but all the pips still make it tougher to pull off effectively, sadly once again it would prove shift completely useless because 6 pips to trade ALL hanging effects vs place a DOT latched onto you to your enemy for 4 pips. Don't forget the pips to cast the minion itself making dimension shift even less efficient.

ALL IN ALL dimension shift seems like a huge waste of pips to use (stacking+ minion+ spell itself)

Sep 17, 2012
Shift is useful in certain instances, such as fighting Pendragon, he casts a permanent fire dragon on you, you can switch that over to him so he loses the 100-200 every round instead of you.

Dimension shift is useful in certain boss battles where you have lots of negatives and DOT, you can clear them all in one spell, that's a very powerful ability.