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New World of Avalon

May 28, 2011
I am very disappointed with the new world of Avalon.
1)The good part about it is plenty of quest, the areas are very wide which is really great with totally amazing place full dungeons to battle and I'll give it of 90% satisfaction.
2)This the bad part:
a)There's not enough vendor to craft a good gears
b)Every dungeons with bosses never given up good gears to use it.
c)I can't find no dungeons with a boss that give pet yet so far.
d)I noticed most this gears are really benefits with Ice,Storm and death,
What about Fire,Balance and life?
Another thing the fire is the weakest damage of all the school second is the balance and third is life.
I went stroll around the Avalon try to find a vendor so i can craft something but nothing to craft and I found a dungeon with spell cards to use it but it's only for death storm and myth, I was like where's the rest of the school to craft the spell cards?
I pend so much money,time,effort day after after day to become legendary crafting the only thing i got is disappointed after all those hard is nothing to get back.
e)My whole family might quit playing this game wasted our time and money, we're like the whole family enjoy the game but after the fact the only schools are Ice,Storm,Death and Myth got the benefits of this whole upgrade.
e)The Balance school so weak ,doesn't have any prism not like any other schools. The good thing is the chimera upgrade but still i need ninth pips in order to cast it.
The Balance school should be able to use any schools without penalize any pips to use a spells.
This error should have been correct it, The Balance school is should flexible with any schools the reasons is a Balance for everything.
My opinion the balance should have like and amulet that can carry all the schools spells to correct this error.
Please Wizard101 take a look the whole picture and review the prospective of the game.
I am the a Father of tree boys and all of them played Wizard101. :(

Nov 10, 2010
Okay. First, um, nice grammar/spelling. Second, the balance school is actually very powerful not having a prism; it can attack equally any school and not need a prism, thus saving turns, hp, and deck space. Their damage is decent, and if you play it right, the extra power pips are super OP.
I do agree with you that they should correct the school advantages though. :?

Aug 03, 2010
first you didnt mention myth in your first thing plus you say storm was benifiting ! we got squat a peirce that stunk a spell that hurts us a low health lvl and no gear thats better than water works we havent gained a good thing since lvl 60!!!!!