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Level 80 Gear?

Sep 28, 2009
I spent my time reading throughout this entire thing, and I have to say, many of you are explaining the benefits to your own school, rather than think of the other schools before you post a reply.

I forgot the name, but whoever mentioned that death doesn't receive many benefits from AV gear is correct. You do have to sacrifice a lot to fix up the patches in your stats. That is why I still use the WW gear, for as I find it very balanced.

I do, however, believe those who say AV gear is better for when you get far into Avalon are correct. Although you may have to sacrifice many stats for AV gear, it will still keep you ahead in the game. There is also a reason KI put pets in this game. Say for death, I decide to craft death gear that dramatically boosts my critical and block in return for power pip, universal resist, and damage. Well, if you are not the lazy type, you can work hard to make the perfect pet to patch that up. The pet, in this scenario, can patch up the death damage, power pip, and universal resist, but it will take time to make the perfect pet. I think KI made AV gear like so, so that people can actually get to working to fix their stats up. They most likely made waterworks gear as a chance to let people get balanced gear because they know in most of our eyes, balanced gear is good. That is just what I think.

The point I'm trying to make is that KI made Avalon so that people can notice that sometimes, even in games you guys are going to have to work extra hard to get the perfect character. And if any of you disagree with anything I said, go on and reply and I'll see if I can say it in a different way.

Dec 12, 2009
The answer to you question first off is NO! ~grins~

Like Ric says yer all talking about yer own classes...

Critical is great on standard and elite mobs, but rarely works on bosses, so resistance is more critical than critical chance, however one must have a good critical block!

The important thing is that all yer gear do something, like my necklace has conviction and blade, or I could just blade, my sword of kings has trap on it, my premium porker has feint card and pierce on it; This all helps to keep my deck tight so I don't have to run 400 cards in my deck...

If I have Sword of Kings (which I do) then I only need one more trap, with pig feint one less feint to put in deck, along with TC feint that stacks up to some good math ~chuckles~

Each class does need different things, for example Fire must be fast and have high damage, as must storm put out great damage, classes like life, balance and death are capable of healing themselves...

As death I rarely run shield, even soloing Pendragon ~smiles~ because my spells heal while doing damage, but I wouldn't suggest that for balance or storm, again I also believe in extremely high hit points and at least 20% resistance...

Like Ric said though, I read through all this and I have found the most important stat to be accuracy ~chuckles~ and pip percentage (or empowerment) if yer life, as your job is to heal in groups ~smiles~

There are a million different ways to set up a character in this game, the problem most people have is they shove too many cards/ spells in their deck, same problem people had in magic ~smiles~, and like World of Warcraft we have the added complication of gear, which just makes it more fun (funner) ;)

There are a ton of class specific pages and blogs out there, that is for sure :)

Adam Deathdreamer
Hero of Avalon
Knight of the Silver Rose
Wielder of the Sword of Kings
Legendary Artisan
Grandmaster Gardner

Mar 18, 2010
woot000 wrote:
Is there level 80 gear in Avalon? Because I don't want to wait for good gear to come into the game late.Can someone tell me if there is level 80 gear and if so, which dungeon?
. Well I have a death friend who has been on wiz since it came out and I think his gear is pretty good. He uses the waterworks hat and robe and the crafted boots from the guy in the wild and he crafted the dirk from the wild and the ring is a drop in Avalon. So bottom line is there is no level eighty gear un less you use the new gear from the packs.

Mar 18, 2010
woot000 wrote:
Is there level 80 gear in Avalon? Because I don't want to wait for good gear to come into the game late.Can someone tell me if there is level 80 gear and if so, which dungeon?
nope there is no level eighty gear I suggest keeping the wwaterworks and crafting the courtly dirk

Oct 24, 2009
I'm sticking with the WaterWorks gear. I went around the whole spiral and trust me, it's the best one.

Abigail Fairyblossom - Level 80 Life (Outer Yard, Avalon.) - [One in a million]
Abigail Fairyblossom - Level 50 Balance (Crown of Fire, Dragonspyre.) - [Master of Balance]
Sestiva - Level 46 Storm (The Crystal Grove, Dragonspyre.) - [Mastermind]
Kristen - Level 31 Death (Katzenstein's Lab, Marleybone.) - [Secret Shopper]
Vanessa - Level 14 Fire (Palace of Fire, Krokotopia.) - [Secret Shopper]

Nov 20, 2010
If you have crowns, then you can buy some lvl 80 gear in the crown shop form the pheonix hoard pack. There are a few lvl 80 wands too. Hope that helps. :)

Jul 27, 2011
yea thats true that the water works gear is the best so far. but i manged to surpass its stats. but it also depends on ur school. i rist about 33% to fire , ice, storm, balance, death, but for myth 47% and life 47%. now for the damage 15% to all school, and death 53%. now for critical 50% to all other schools and 200% to death. now for block 67% to fire, ice, storm, death, and balance, but 120% for myth and 115% for life. chance to get power pips i have 70%. incoming healing 48%, outgoing 0% , stun block 0%, piercing 2%. they way i did this well it really easy well not so easy i think but yes you have to be a crater for this and then mix with the best gear you can up tain. if you need more details just comment .happy hunting

o yea i forgot im a death wizard lol

Jan 06, 2011
There are actually some pretty good items out there. Those boots that give 86 critical block rating are pretty good with the waterworks gear. You just need to know how to combine the waterworks gear with the avalon gear. I know this because I have plenty of friends with them. (I can't get them because I have barely started crafting)

Kevin FireLeaf
Archmage Theurgist

Jun 30, 2009
kublai987 on May 4, 2012 wrote:
I don't know for sure, but there are level 76 gear

Lewellyn, the blacksmith in Dun Dura, Avalon has hat and robe crafting gear for level 76 that has completed the Spirit Caller Drums in Zafaria. Of the six of us, Timothy Pearlflower has gotten his, and it is AWESOME in its protection and defense in battle (he tends to lose if the baddies are Myth or Ice), which cuts the damage of the most powerful spells like Fire and Stormzilla down to less than half.

Hope this has been helpful,
Timothy Pearlflower, Level 79 in Lake Shore, Avalon seeking to beat Black Annie

Apr 25, 2010
Only level 80 gear would be the ones from the bundles or packs. If you frost then i would make the helmet and robe and frostbite boots. Otherwise stay with waterworks gear

Jan 11, 2011
Jul 23, 2011
RealLatias on Dec 29, 2012 wrote:
Waterworks gear is the best
So you're another one of those stubborn waterworks players I see. That is all based on opinion, but I believe waterworks is not the best gear. Sure, at legendary and MAYBE transcendent, it's alright, but after that, it's pretty weak. The crafted gear from Avalon and Azteca are 10 times better than waterworks. Waterworks lacks critical, block, and even health. With the crafted gear from Azteca, you may have to sacrifice 7-9 resistance total, but your critical and block go up by insane amounts along with your health. With my gear, I could easily defeat a waterworks person considering that their block and critical would be pretty low.

With the Waterworks gear, once you arrive at Azteca, you'll have no trouble dying by just the regular mobs, let alone the bosses there. Waterworks does have a bigger damage boost, but at what cost, critical block? The enemies there critical much more often than before and will have no trouble landing a critical on you, even if you mixed waterworks robe and hat with the crafted boots. Same goes for Avalon. Of course, you can buy a wand for huge block, but not everyone can buy a wand from the packs.

The point I'm trying to make is that everyone has their own preferences. I personally prefer the crafted gear, as I can easily defeat mobs and bosses. So don't come in this message board and mindlessly say," Waterworks is the best! " because I'm sure I can just as easily put you down with crafted gear.

Jun 09, 2010
I am still wearing my crafted gear from zafaria. I am not liking the gear they have out so far.

Mar 03, 2011
The waterworks isn't the best if you don't mind crafting. There is crafted gear in avalon that really good.

Sep 30, 2009
hello again and first of all let me just say that there is now level 90 gear out there to awnser this question. now hopefully i dont sound as stubborn as i used to. i am level 90 now and have done azteca with almost ease and i still have ww gear on. some may call me ignorant but i call it doing whats best for my wizard. i see plenty people in azteca with ww gear on and they are progressing well through azteca at least from what i see. many people in the azteca forums are now saying that the gear needs an update badly just to give you a picture of how well the gear is improving. the crafted gear in avalon is a nice upgrade if thats your play style but it doesnt get much better in azteca at least for fire considering you only get 5 extra critical and a little extra block and health.

the main reason i even posted on this again is because people are calling those that wear ww gear ignorant and stubborn witch is not true. if ww gear really is that bad then how come i and many others have done azteca in it? you calim that theres plenty gear out there that give better stats but those stats just dont agree with how i play, to give you a picture here are my stats

about 4135 health
76 damage boost
39 universal resist
126 universal block
about 30 health boost
180 critical to fire 66 to all others
19 universal accuracy boost
67 power pip chance
and i think 2 armor pierce but idc about pierce cause i have prisms

i may be an ignorant ww gear user but those stats seem pretty awesome to me. however like someone else said on here its all about your play style, if you dont like ww gear that just fine but it doesnt mean that you have to judge those that do wear it just because in your opinion what you have it better then it.

so again its all about your play style so plz dont start hating on me because you think that i think that anyone who doesnt have it is dead because that is not the case at all.

Dec 03, 2011
Best gear in game atm is avalon crafting gear. end of story lol

Mar 21, 2011
May 15, 2009
there is a gear that you craft but must be a legendary crafter to craft. you can get the recipe in dun dara in avalon.

Jul 13, 2012
I crafted the Forest Hearth boots for my Death wizard and they seem to be okay.

223 Health
4% Accuracy
11% Attack Boost
6% Resist
86 Critical Block


123 Health
6% Power Pip
15% Attack Boost
7% Resist
25 Critical Block
5% Incoming Life Boost

IMO, the small loss of pips and life boost for my wizard is nothing compared to the HUGE increase in Critical Block. My pet, like most, has a healing may cast and the ring/s I crafted in the Wild have Life Boosts as well. I haven't switched my hat and armor yet cause I'm undecided.