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Jabberwock impossible

Apr 15, 2009
The jabberwock is almost impossible.You can try your best to defeat him and some have but it is almost impossible.I have tried three times with different people and each time a fail.Jabberwock casts a meteor that can kill in three or four times her casts it.His health is way too high,us wizards know you want use to have a challange but at least make it possible may be lower his health or lower the attack of the meteor attack.Who agrees with me and there are no teleports so at least add those.

May 10, 2010
Patience is a Virtue.

Fire Shield is a Friend.

After the Meteor, is a Powerful Feint, make sure you use it the round after the Meteor, or lose all traps.

If this does not help you, nothing will!

Apr 18, 2011
I just did the Jabberwock. While it killed me the first time, i figured out what to do. I am fire, so i loaded a deck with 8 dispels, and 8 minus 80 shields, a few heal spells, and that was all. I got a partner who could kill the jabberwock, if i could stop the fire spells. I had to flee a couple of times to reset my deck, but was able to keep him from firing off his meteor spell.
And we won....

Sep 18, 2009
I had similar problems, but finally just went with nothing but fire shields in my treasure cards and didn't try to attack until I had 2 or 3 in place.

Not sure what you mean by no teleports? The large arches all around Caliburn are the teleporters to the different areas, and you can teleport into someone who is fighting Jabberwock. If you mean teleporters within each area, I don't really think they are needed. The zone teleporters are central to each area, so the don't leave you that far to run. Keeps you from finishing the new world too fast maybe?

Sep 30, 2009
i actually did it solo and efreet one my battle. all i did was go in without knowing what he did and i won the first time. i dont know why i had fire shields in my deck at the time but they made the difference between life and death. when he uses the meteor and puts that super trap on himself dont use it right away. get your blades up and put traps on him if you can(i beat him in test realm forgot if you could trap him or not lol)

Mar 07, 2011
Yeah, my partner and I had to fill half our sideboard with fire dispels. One of us would keep a fire dispel on him, while the other would build for an attack. It's definitely not a fight you want to do solo. Fire shields are also very useful in this battle.

May 29, 2011
Its possible, its all about strategy and deck construction. The posts above me provide good information. I did it with a life, ice, and me(myth). Only took us one try.

Jul 21, 2009
use fire shields save pips and use fire dis spell he will fizzle on MS but sill put the +200 on himself if you miss attacking that round ( WAIT ) do not waste your pips count 3 rounds then attack on the 3ed round make sure you have dis spell on him before hand and a fire shield on . works every time no fail :) enjoy and good luck.

Feb 03, 2012
it's all in the stragety, I was able to solo him fine, and i'm storm , if i can do it you can too.

Apr 15, 2009
Well i have beat him i was just over reacting with it, you all gave good info on how to beat jabberwock but i think some of the hard things with jabberwock can be nicer and less hard.Thank you everyone for your posts.

Nov 08, 2009
Apr 10, 2010
Its not that hard. Load your deck with heals and fire sheilds. It's easy for ic buecause of their giant defence to fire. My life and a random ice girl I met did it in around ten minutes last night.

Mar 18, 2009
I will admit....going second in this fight is much, much better than going first. The difference was night and day.

Oct 22, 2011
I managed to beat him my first and only time with him.

I loaded about 8 dispels and the rest were fire shields, plus I put more fire shields in my deck just to make sure. The only reason I knew to do this was because someone came out before I went in and told me about fire shields/dispels.

Since I'm a Sorcerer, I also had lots of Availing Hands (thank goodness!), otherwise I would have been a goner. I didn't know about his +200 trap at the time, and tried to hit him with fully loaded Judgements, just at the right moment, but most of the fizzled. The fight took much longer than anticipated because of the fizzles, and I went through all of my fire shields. At the last moment, just before he was going to throw another Meteor at me, I managed to get a Judgement to not fizzle, and nailed him. WOOHOO. Good thing, as I was down to 101 health!

My spouse had to come into the computer room, because I was screaming at the screen throughout the battle ..... I didn't want to lose and have to start all over again.


Community Leader
Here is a guide that might help
Guide to Jabberwock

I just fought him with my Brother. It was a messy battle but we were able to battle him without using treasure cards. The first time I battled him in test I was alone. I found the level 40 life henchman helped me alot and she is not a bad price at 40 crowns.

Make sure you have fire shields if you have a training point you can train the shield in the fairgrounds.

Nov 08, 2009
I set my balance with -80 fire,50% fire, and disspell fire. and Helping hands, My son is storm. The boss does dragon or elf on us when we had shields on. My disspell stopped his one attack but then his 2k storm got us. Luck is intherealot too. I forgot I had in pip +2 to my son, because I don't use them much. I still didn't make it yet with this plan.

Sep 30, 2009
lol how many people use treasure cards cause i never use treasure cards. while i do understand they really help i just get through everything without them and i do belive someone asked if anyone got past the jabber without using treasure cards so i will awnser that question and say i did because i really did

Nov 08, 2009
I got lucky. I had 3 guys who went in with me. I am now done with this guy :lol

May 25, 2011
Henchmen...lots and lots and lots of henchmen! Life and Ice are must haves though.

I did notice a couple of times when the strike wasn't thrown, and I think it might've been b\c my death henchmen put Virulent Plague on it. But not really sure.

Feb 07, 2011
I tried to solo him the first time.
My advice to you? Don't.

To complete the instance, you need:

1. someone who can hit big
2. a healer
3. a buffer
4. a dispeller

My first group-outing through, I took a Life, Ice, and Fire with me (I'm a sorcerer). But we died about 8 times... at least we figured out that the dungeon /is/ port-able (thank Ambrose!).

The next day, I grouped up with another Balance, a Life, and a Storm, and we beat him in one go. Here's how:

Storm took first place and bladed up.
We sorcerers shielded everyone, healed as required, and spammed dispels.
Life cast Rebirth and put a Guardian Spirit on each teammate.

When we attacked:

Round 1
Storm hit with a critical Levy that did 12K damage.

Round 2
Balance (me/2nd) landed a full-pip amulet Judge with blade/200% trap up.

Round 3
Life criticaled with a triple-bladed Seraph.

Round 4
Balance in 4th finished off with a full-pip, double-bladed Judge.

The instance itself was annoying, but I was lucky enough to find a good team. With the right people doing their jobs properly, it /can/ be done!

Good luck!


Mar 06, 2010
I just did with an ice guy who i helped blade, shield, and heal so he stayed alive and kept fleeing, getting health, then porting back and we won with 2 people.

Nov 26, 2011
zm33 wrote:
The jabberwock is almost impossible.You can try your best to defeat him and some have but it is almost impossible.I have tried three times with different people and each time a fail.Jabberwock casts a meteor that can kill in three or four times her casts it.His health is way too high,us wizards know you want use to have a challange but at least make it possible may be lower his health or lower the attack of the meteor attack.Who agrees with me and there are no teleports so at least add those.

Actually, you just need usually a team of 4 and good fire resist and your good to go, really. How i did it was i got like 74 fire resist, the meteor only did 600 to me. At about 100, its almost useless. So you just need a team of 4 and some REALLY good fire resist. ----Jasmine FireBlade

Apr 26, 2009
Just get a powerful ice to help you. I got my archmage, warlord, ice friend, it was over in about ten to fifteen minutes. XD

Happy Questing

May 03, 2011
I died a few times on two wizards before I decided to do something I had never done--ask for help from one of the "helper groups" on W101 Central. I did read the guide, and I did have quench and shields, but I am kind of spacey about counting rounds and always seemed to pick the wrong one to quench. So, since a) this is a game, and I want to have fun rather than be frustrated and b) I am pretty good at admitting when I need help, I decided to fulfill my curiosity about these groups. I am on Central more than this forum, and often saw people filling out the "help forms." So here is what happened: a really nice female wizard--two of them actually, but it was one person with two accounts--and a nice storm guy helped me. With her incredibly well-thought-out strategy and the Storm's power (plus a few Feints from me), we defeated Jabberwock and his minion in one mega hit. In only three rounds! O Frabjous Day!

I can't say enough about this helpful bunch of wizards. They are awesome, and they do it just because they love the game. If you are stuck on a hard dungeon or battle, you may want to give them a try!

Feb 16, 2011
I just bought alot of fire shields and still almost died but my friend came when I died so she healed me and we counted the rounds and I used