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I am miss spell in avalon

Jul 10, 2012
i have did all of the quest in avalon but I have not gotting any quest in Avalon for detonate and backdraft I am a level 82 fire wizard name jack hawk flame. Do I need to do winter tugs be for I can get these spell form Avalon and I am miss my sec helper it call sir lamoror I don't know if I spell his name right sorry about that

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009

Yes, you do need to finish both Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. You can get a spell in Grizzleheim at Mirkholm Keep (level 35), and another spell in Wintertusk at Sudrilund (level 55). When you have those two spells, then you will be called to get the missing spells from Avalon.

You can also get some pets that you are missing. Keep going through Wintertusk to Nordrilund, and you will get a pet for level 58. Then you will be called to get another pet for level 78.

Good luck!

Alia Misthaven

Feb 28, 2014
Detonate: level 72 Quest--- No Pain, No Agravaine; given by Friar Nolan. in Abby road.
Backdraft: Level 75: Quest--- Always after my Charms: given by Fianna Yellowknife in High Road.

May 29, 2009
In order to get Detonate AND your new minion, Sir Lamorak, you have to already have Power Link. Unfortunately, yes you WILL have to do Wintertusk before you can get any of these 3 spells. You MUST have unlocked Sudrilund (third area of WT) and completed that quest before you will get a notification that you can learn your level 55 Power Link Spell. Once you have it, then you should be able to fight Sir Agravaine for Detonate and then head to Zafaria for your new minion.

In order to get Backdraft, you have to have Detonate.

Click the link to Power Link above to see what your requirements, prerequisites, and quests will be for each spell.

Good luck!


A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Greetings Jack.

To get the Backdraft Spell, you must:

  • Be at least level 75
  • Learned Detonate
  • Complete quest given by Fanna Yellowknife (Owl Reagent Vendor in High Road).

Now, to unlock the quest, you will have to venture all the way back to Wintertusk and complete a series of pre-requisite quests to finally unlock this one named above. You will have to complete Wintertusk up to at least Nodrilund (second to last area in Wintertusk). Doing this will unlock a series of quest (first given to you by Erik Wyrdrune in Northguard. He will pop up to the right of your screen when he's ready for a quest for you.

So, complete Grizzleheim and Wintertusk to start gaining access to the quests and thereby the spells.

Since you're a level 82 Pyrommancer, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Good Luck!