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Hrefna NightFeather

Jan 22, 2011
I just want to say that this boss is just way to hard i'm a level 77 storm and i still can't beat her, I have been at this quest for almost 6 days and i still can't do it. So please if anyone has a any tips they could share with me that would be magnificent.

Regards Nicholas SkySpear Level 77 Storm.

Feb 06, 2010
Okay I have a strategy. Here it is:
-Pack heals!
-Pack colossals!
-Okay first two were obvious my bad. I would use a tempest and make it a big one. Use darkwind, windstorm, some blades (tc and regular) and two feints on the boss. Make sure your gear damage boost is 50+. If possible, a life mastery amulet would save you some trouble. I have seen tempests hit for 31,000 damage before. Using storm blade, elemental blade, balance blade tc, storm blade tc, darkwind, windstorm, tc amplify, and possiby storm blade tc, you can do win the fight using 7 -14 pip tempest.
Okay now you should be able to get your spell!