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How to solo young Morganthe using Storm

Mar 27, 2010
I was able to solo young morganthe using storm. I would like to share my turtle strategy against Morganthe. It takes about 45 minutes just to fight her solo.

I used the following gear:
Hat - Lightning Lizard Rider's Helm- 20% ice resist
Robe -, Insulated Armor - 30% ice resist
Shoes -Tempest Trackers - 17 ice resist
Athame - crafted cosmic kris for extra healing
Ring - amethyst ring of battle (9% attack).
Pet sprite, proof, defy, unicorn.
Deck - biggest you can find
Wand - sidhe staff
Amulet - Life

Total ice resist: 79

I chose to go for the most ice resist possible because of the unending mammoth.

What you need in deck: max conviction (must have), max colossal, max monstrous, max kraken (main attack), tempest, lightning bats, storm shark

5 pixie, 5 sprite, 5 healing current, 1 reshuffle

Side deck: 4-5 sanctuary (60% heal bubble), 8 pixie, 2 satyr, 12-15 conviction

Note: I am not trained in satyr but if you have it, I recommend getting rid of healing current and place satyr. During my match, healing current was so annoying when it healed me for only 200+.

*Deck has no shield. With my resist mammoth is only 200.


It is very important to ALWAYS have conviction up to avoid being stunned. Morganthe would sometimes chain stun you until you have 4 pips, then use mana burn and chain stun with mammoth again. So use conviction to avoid this. If you don't, you will be mammoth to death.

1. At very first turn, it is very important to be able to get conviction up or sanctuary from side deck. Discard all spell on hand if you have to. By second turn, both conviction and sanctuary should be up. Sanctuary is needed to make healing very efficient since the gear offers almost no resist to death. There are 4-5 sanctuary in side deck to make sure you will be able to get the bubble by second turn.

2. It is important to keep the attack coming. Spam attacks. Heal when health is 1000. A pixie will do 900+. Satyr is needed for emergency heal but pixie is usually enough. Sprite is amazing heal because it is over time.

3. Everytime I have 2 pips, I try to attack. Try to enchant your attacks. If you can't find enchant, still attack. We need to keep pips low, just in case stun make it pass conviction. If using treasure conviction, you will never be stunned. But the regular conviction will sometimes fail.

4. So now it is clear - all you need to do is - conviction, attack, heal, repeat.

5. If in case you were to get 4 pips the next turn, make sure to use tempest or a heal. This is because mana burn would hurt you AND get rid of your pips so better to use tempest or heal the damage. Sometime Morganthe would mana burn and mammoths combo.

6. Lastly, in case Morganthe is still alive and you are almost out of cards, you have to plan ahead for your reshuffle. Make sure that your health is very high by the 4th pips. There should be a pixie on hand also. By 4th pips, use reshuffle, followed by a pixie.

Hope this helps. :)

Feb 24, 2009
Thats nice! Maybe you could post this idea on w101 central, where it is more welcomed. :)
From there, go:
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You should end up on this page:
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