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Help me i cant get my 72 spell

Jun 17, 2011
you gotta finish your spell in grizzelhiem (thief of spell & su su sudrilund) and then when you'r lvl 72 talk to friar nolan and when you are lvl 75 talk to fianna yellowknife and when you are lvl 88 you have to finish your pet quest from your professor

Sep 22, 2008
LuvHime101 on Mar 16, 2013 wrote:
I had the same problem too, hope this helps.

Level 72 Mass Triage:

First go to Olde Town, speak to the bear like guy who first gave you the trade quest to Grizzleheim. He would send you to see Erik Wyrdrune at Northguard. He will give you the quest Runesdown or something like that. You'll have to defeat Skabrok ( i think that is how it is spelled). Upon completion see Erik and this will give you the brilliant light spell, then go see Friar Nolan in Avalon, you should be able to get the level 72 quest.
help i am fire and i do not have that quest only to find ruines and books please help