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Floating bridge and tapestries

Jun 02, 2012
I have been all over the wilds and I can not find the Floating Bridge.
Since I can not defeat the Jabberwock I have started other quests
and now I am stuck on finding the Bridge and Tapestry. Can some one
give me some help or advice as to where I should look for them.

Wolf Giantheart
76 lvl Pyromancer

Community Leader
The problem is that you need to complete one area to go to next. You might be able to port to someone but you wont be able to go through the area alone. The floating bridge is pass Red caps where the water elementals are. You wont be able to cross it until you build it by doing the quest from the fairy next to the red caps.

Here are some Avalon guides that can help you.

There are also help groups there that would be more than happy to help you defeat the Jabberwock.:)

Good luck.