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Facing Bosses

Aug 09, 2012
When i have to play against bosses by myself, what i usually do is defeat the weaker one (the non-boss), get defeated, then teleport back with the marker to face the boss one on one. But i have noticed that with some of the bosses I can do that, but with some bosses when I teleport back his henchman comes back alive, and I don't know how to tell which bosses do that and which don't. Thank you.

Apr 01, 2011
I do the same thing you do, only I flee after I defeat the minion instead of letting myself be defeated. I usually start this strategy in Avalon, so I'm not sure what happens in the earlier worlds. I believe that there are about 3 Azteca battles in which the minion respawns, though I'm not entirely sure. I think the only boss in Avalon that gives you problems is Callista (no marks allowed), which is unfortunate since she's a storm boss .

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