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Enjoying Avalon

Apr 06, 2009
I must say Zafaria was a major disappointment. It was redundant and a bit bland on the first half of the world. Once I finished the rigorous challenge of the final boss in Zafaria I was a little skeptical on Avalon. My initial reaction on Avalon was that it seemed a little rushed considering Zafaria didn't come out that long ago. But I saw the gear and I got a little excited. Once I started Avalon I must say I've been enjoying it! I love the quest that gets you into Avalon. It makes you work for that entrance to the new world. So what are your opinions on it? I love the new world, it's a definite improvement from Zafaria. And I am loving the challenge it brings! I want opinions on this!

Sep 30, 2009
everything was awesome but for people ww gear there still isnt any gear better than it besides for ice wizards in dun dara. the crefted gear threre does come to a tie with ww gear but i wouldnt switch my gear just yet. so ya avalon is awesome but the gear a little bit of a dissapointment

May 03, 2011
I am also loving Avalon. The design team really listened, I think, to critiques of Zafaria. The defeat and collects are reasonable in AV, there are lots of bosses, and everything looks amazing. I love the Monty Python and classic rock allusions, too. As a professional medievalist, I also have to love the way the designers have re-invented the Arthurian myth, Celtic lore, and courtly traditions. All different, all fun. Medieval people loved re-working of old ideas and stories, so Avalon is, in that sense, a really "medieval" world.

I had been pretty annoyed at KI before AV came out--many things on the business and customer relations end were, I thought, handled less than optimally. I had seriously considered quitting permanently. But Avalon has lured me back. Wonderful new world!