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Deepwater Blues

Jun 30, 2009
Hello to everyone playing Wizard101,

After spending 4 months waiting for KI to help me with bugs in my gaming experience, I have finally been able to make it to Deepwater, Avalon, mostly in solo mode.

Now, while trying to battle for both pieces of the broken teleporter, I have friends that I have no doubt wanting my help (which I have no problem with), but they also need to understand that if I am locked in a battle, or they are needing my help when someplace like BLACK PALACE doesn't allow incoming teleports, there is nothing I can do.

I would like to help everyone, but I can't hop out of one battle to another and then do the same thing all day long. It is a waste of mana (since whatever amount I have will be wiped down to 0). And to those that I do help, I seriously need your help as well as you receiving mine.

Friendship is a 2-way street, and if you expect me to ride my lion down your one way lane all day, you and I are gonna have problems (unless I am willing or you are close to where I am at) during the game.

I don't mind helping out a person in a jam, and I am sure some people (especially Amy Rosepetal) have almost shredded their last nerve helping me, when they are in another and just as antsy as I am to make their way to the end.

Please have the heart and mind to understand that I am needing as much help as you need sometimes and it would make it easier on me dealing with the many requests for help when I tell people the statement "ONE MIINUTE, I AM BUSY FIGHTING", and it doesn't sink in.

Timothy Pearlflower, Level 79 seeking to defeat The Drowned Knight in Deepwater, Avalon

All friends are welcome to jump in and help, just remember there is only room for three others.