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Crystal Caverns Bug

Feb 06, 2010
Okay so I got to the Crystal Caverns the other day and everything on my screen is white. This is my main quest so I can't get to Azteca until I do this and alas I cannot which is a pain in the neck. I looked online and there are other people who have had this problem. Kings Isle really needs to fix this cause I wanna finish Avalon :'(
Has anybody else had this problem? I've restarted my computer five times and it isn't fixed.

Mar 12, 2013
I have the same problems. KI asked me to re-install, I did like 5 times and wasting so much time downloading all the worlds. They asked me to contact crossover when i'm using the mac download from wizard101 website. This been going on for so long... Anyone can help? Don't tell me to update anything because my computer is all updated on mac os x.

Dec 12, 2008
I am also having this issue and i have no idea why. I restarted, rebooted, and reinstalled and still nothing. Fortunately, i had a good group of friends that lead me all the way through, and i used my map to avoid monsters. You can see in ghost avalon just not in the caverns. weird huh?

Hopefully they will fix this soon.

see you in the spiral
T. AnglePyre

Aug 28, 2008
Are you running a Mac or Windows computer?

What graphics card are you running?