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Can't get into Azteca

Jul 03, 2011
As far as I can tell I have finished all the quests in Avalon. I can't find anymore with the quest finder, it just says "There are no available quests in this world," when I click on it. So I assume I have done A Great Storm Coming but there is no way of really telling. I do see my character name scribed on a clam shell in the tower by the lake where the lady of the lake hangs out. Not sure what that signifies if anything.

But anyhow, I don't have the Hero of Avalon Badge and Cyrus wont talk to me. So I can't get into Azeteca.

Seriously stuck.

Any suggestions?

You've completed the quest "Another Life" given to you by Sir Patrick in the Catacombs.
You need to speak to Lady Of The Lake in the Catacombs to pick up the quest "Drifter".

I'll have our team look at why the Quest Finder is not picking that quest up.
Thank you!

Dec 15, 2013
Sep 23, 2012
I also have done the pendragon quest, only to find I can't speak to either lady of the lake or Ambrose.. I followed the instructions as stated above, went to the Catacombs and yet still nothing, went to her in Outer Yard, did the pendragon dungeon, all good until He tells me to speak to lady of the lake and then Ambrose, and again still couldn't.. So now I am stuck unable to get into Ateca :(.. Has anyone else also had this problem?