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Bugs In Avalon

Oct 14, 2008
Problem #1 No quests appearing after level 74 completion of the wild

I am having the same problem with there being no more quests. I am also level 74 and have done all the quests up to the wild. After I beat the ice wyrm in the fire elf village , it is showing no quests on my quest log. I also have check around the who avalon to make sure i did not miss any people. I really want to finish playing avalon , but i can not get into the other area's as it is showing i do not have the quests to unlock the area's.

Problem #2 Scrolls and Tapestry's saying we did not get them, when we did

The new world is says i did not pick up the scrolls , when i did pick them up. I even went back to the spot in the wild by the vendor elf where the scroll is located and it is gone, showing that i picked it up. But then when i go to look at my quest log it is showing that i still need it. It is the same with the tapestry's.

Problem #3 Redoing quests we have already done

I also have friends who are says that Things are disappearing off their quest log and making them restart the quests. Meaning they are having to redo the quests that they have already completed.

Please wizard 101 , If you could address the issue's as soon as possible it would be much appreciated, as we would all like to get back to playing the game. Until this issue is reviewed and fixed None of us can further our quests in the game. Thank you for your time on reviewing this message as i would have posted this in the bug section but I did not see a section specifically for bugs. Thank you in advanced :)