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Brimstone Revenant

Jun 18, 2012
Hello I have been all over Avalon in Deep Water and defeated the Bogg Witch and her minion repeatedly.

Where is this brimstone revenant treasure card? People on the internet keep talking as if she drops it often. After defeating her 45 times I think that is a lie!

The internet also talks as if this can be crafted as a treasure card! That does not seem to be true either. I bought the Deck Card Recipe to craft over in MooShu. The crafting recipe for this deck card calls for 10 brimstone revenant Treasure Cards!

So how on earth do you get them?

Somebody please help. No one seems to have a clue!

Nov 24, 2009
The two bosses that have been known to drop this card are the Bog Witch (as you already know) and Orin Grimcaster in the Crucible (Dragonspyre).
As for the drop question, I'm guessing (I haven't gotten up to the Bog Witch yet in my own questing) that its a rare drop, as I have fought Orin Grimcaster over and over attempting to get him to drop it.
I don't believe that you can craft the treasure card, and I'm pretty sure that the only way you can get it is through drops.
I hope this helps (even if only a little bit)! :D