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Balance cut short or was they?

May 31, 2009
I notice in Avalon, that there is a multiple spell for converts, all the schools have them and Balance really has no use for one but did game give Balance something in place of this spell? Or did they just let Balance get nothing.
A new Blade for deck would be nice one that can be used for you only and it is higher than 25% Or since the converts are like a trap, perhaps a shield or trap that protects a little better but for balance only. Sure, Balance could take on the convert spells for the other wizards put them in deck but why should he? Just wondering what Balance got in place of the multiple convert spell..........

Jul 28, 2011
The purpose of a convert is to be able to fight your own school by turning your magic to the opposite. However, balance has no opposite, and when we fight other balance creatures, we can use multi school attacks, so we don't really need them

Jul 03, 2010
I know I felt left out when I got nothing - I don't seem to have fighting balance foes down pat yet either. The Death and Storm in our group when up to the unicorn and got their mass convert while I waited for them.

I have to have an extra deck set up for just balance bosses so I can switch to that before battles. I know I am suppose to use infallible more then I do to help pierce resist or shields they put on against my multi school spells. I get it done but it ain't pretty. You would think by Avalon I would have nailed it.

Mary Gem