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Avalon quest destroyed!?

Nov 13, 2009
Please someone help me i accidently declined a main quest now i got no main quest now i am in Avalon Caer Lyon and i tried talking to Innes idle but it wont let me talk to him i dont know why his out door lights are blue so there must be a quest please fix this. the quest i need is i Wanna be adored but its not there please fix this

Carlos WinterRiver LVL 75 wizard

May 29, 2011
You can't decline a main quest. If you were able to decline it, that means that it was a side quest. I think that you probably thought you were doing your main quest, when you weren't. Also, if you decline a side quest, you can o to the person you declined the quest at and then accept the quest.

Sep 17, 2012
You cannot decline main quests. Only side quests give the option.
Make sure you have done the prequests.

Nov 13, 2009
Well, I didn't "decline" it, I log out and hten like a few hours later it wasn't there.

Jun 27, 2013
Actually, I've found many instances within the Spiral where the main quest is abridged by a shord Accept/Decline Quest.

Marleybone, Newgate Prison, when you talk to Watson on the roof, and he tells you to talk to ... Ness I believe in the prison, it's a main quest. When yo uget to Ness, yo uget the exp, and an Accept/Decline quest. If you decline, there's no main quest, if you accept, it brings you to the next accept only quest.

In Avalon, once you open the Wyrd, the Lepperchaun(Shane) gives you a main quest, you need to fight in the wild, talk to the ... Fire Knight???... the fox by the ember, then into the wyrd, back to the fox by the ember, who gives you an accept/decline. If you decline, yo ulose the main quest, if you accept, it leads back to the main quest...

There's alot of these throughout the Spiral, starting in Marleybone, and continuing at least once in each world after.

What I do now, is when my main quest leads to an accept/decline only, I'll decline first, check my quest log, and if I have no main, I go back in and accept it.

Feb 05, 2011
Actually, if I remeber correctly, you can decline some of the main quests in Avalon. It is a horrible bug and it needs to be fixed. I know that the Indes Idle one can be declined. I know that this is a horriblw bug, but KI will probably fix it in the housskeeping update. Good luck!

- Jared Shadowbreaker Level 78 wizard. Cya. In Avalon!

Jul 09, 2010
HELP! I was doing the quest where I collected all the knights for Gwendolyn then went help talk to someone to get him to help the cause. I did that and he declined to help. Once that happened, it destroyed the quest! I was trying to find a way to get the white reindeer (or whatever they were) to be scattered. Now I cannot find out what I need to do because I have no quest.... any help is greatly appreciated! I have no idea where I was or what to do next!